Compact Carry 9mm

380 ACP Pistols (9mm Browning)

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The .380 ACP Pistols (9mm Browning)
We decided to make a page for the 380 ACP because of the popularity. After all, the 380 (9x17) is just a shorter 9mm (9x19). We set the maximum price limit at $550. It wouldn't be fair to make a "best list" because we have only fired a few of the 380 pistols on this page.

There is a place for the 380 Auto. I find that in warmer weather, my Kahr 380 is my go to concealed carry weapon. I feel more secure carrying a 9mm, but....packing a 380 pistol in my pocket is better than my 9mm in a safe at home!
There are many so called experts out there that say the 380 ACP is not powerful enough for self defense. Now ask those same experts if an 38 special snubby revolver is powerful enough for self defense. They will tell you YES. The fact is, the 380 ACP is just as powerful as a 38 snubby. Look at the ballistics below.

38 Special Snubby Vs. 380 ACP
Taurus 85 Revolver 38 Spl 2" Muzzle FPS Muzzle Energy
Federal 125gr JHP HS 715 FPS 142 Ft. Lb.
Winchester 110gr JHP +P 885 FPS 191 Ft. Lb.
Ruger 380 LCP 2.75" Muzzle FPS Muzzle Energy
Winchester STX 95gr 845 FPS 150 Ft. Lb.
Cor-Bon 90gr JHP 988 FPS 195 Ft. Lb.

Gun Digest Guide To Concealed Carry Handguns
The 380 ACP can be a pleasant shooter for women and those new to the sport. The Walther PPK was good enough for James Bond, Right? For many, the 380 ACP will work for concealed carry. If we skipped any, please let us know.
Conceal Carry Tip! Take a look at smart phone holsters. If it has a logo like Garmin, Samsung, or Sony on the outside, that is even better. My favorite way to carry is with a belly band holster. They are cheap, comfortable, and washable. With a small 380 pistol, you forget you are even packing at all.
Ammo Tip: The aboslute best is the Buffalo Bore 380 Auto +P 100 grain Hardcast F.N. clocked over 1100 FPS. It is expensive, but power is in the 9mm range. You don't want to give your pocket pistol a regular diet of it.
My favorite is the low cost flat nose (truncated cone) jacketed Winchester 95gr ammo for self defense pocket pistols. The hollow point bullets don't always offer reliable penetration at low velocities. The flat nose bullets will cause shock, then tumble causing maximum damage with deep penetration. The Gelatin test show the flat nose bullets are the best too. According to FBI testing, 12 inches is the minimum penetration for defense. The flat nose bullets normally exceed 15 inches, even through heavy clothing.
The gun writers are always trying to compare the 380 ACP to the 9mm. Why? We are talking concealed carry pocket guns here. The 380 ACP should be compared to the 25 Auto and 32 ACP since the guns are the same size.

= Low Recoil & Fun Pistol To Shoot

The haggle price should be the best deal from a gun dealer.

Accu-Tek LT-380: Haggle Price $260-$290
Alloy Frame. Weight: 15.0 oz., Barrel: 2.80", Magazine: 6 rounds
The Accu-Tek LT-380 is very accurate and dependable. One of the most well made pistols ever produced. These ultra compact pistols are 100% american made and are covered under a lifetime warranty. In house CNC machining, and investment casting foundry all under one roof. Looks like a compact Walther PPK. I want one!
Accu-Tek LT-380
Beretta Pico 380: Haggle Price $340-$370
Polymer frame. Weight: 11.5 oz., Barrel: 2.7", Magazine: 6 rounds
Brand new pocket pistol from Beretta. Made in USA too! Slim and easy to conceal, the Beretta Pico Pistol is the smallest .380 ACP made that effortlessly slips into purses or holsters. Snag-free slide and frame is a true 18mm at its widest point. Prices should come down once the dealer pipeline is full. It is a Beretta, so you know the quality will be great.
Beretta Pico Site Awesome Pico Review Video

Concealed Carry Magazine - So Popular!
Bersa Thunder 380: Haggle Price $260-$290
Alloy frame. Weight: 20.0 oz., Barrel: 3.50", Magazine: 7 rounds
My wife's Bersa 380 was a tack driver, and more accurate than most full sized pistols! The Bersa 380 is the perfect pistol for personal protection. It's slim, trim and always ready for immediate action. Bersa gives you the most value for your shooting dollar. The Bersa and Firestorm are some of the most popular 380 pistols sold in the USA. New: Slightly smaller Bersa Thunder 380 Concealed Carry, with alloy frame and weighs 16.4 ounces!
Bersa Site Bersa 380 Review Video
Bersa BPCC 380 ACP Haggle Price $350-$380
Poly frame. Weight: 21.5 oz., Barrel: 3.30", Magazine: 8 rounds
This is the exact same pistol as the BPCC 9mm, but chambered in 380 ACP. If you want softer recoil and a slide that is very easy to rack, this is the gun. Less than 5 pound trigger pull is nice too. It would make a nice holster gun for your lady. This pistol is overbuilt and should last forever.
Bersa BP9 Review Video

Concealed Carry Books - So Many Tips & Tricks!
Chiappa MC-14 380: Haggle Price $260-$290
Alloy frame. Weight: 24.0 oz., Barrel: 3.82", Magazine: 13 rounds
Looking for a soft shooting duty size 380? Simple DA/SA trigger action. The Chiappa MC14 features a cold forged barrel, dovetail fixed front and rear sights, and black plastic grips. Matt black finish, manual safety. Two 13-rounds magazines are included. The Turks are turning out some fine pistols!
Chiappa Website
Cobra CA380 Micro: Haggle Price $130-$160
Metal frame. Weight: 22.0 oz., Barrel: 2.80", Magazine: 5 rounds
The single action Cobra CA380 design is simple and proven ultra reliable. Very simple blowback operated with few parts. This design is pretty much unchanged in the last 40 years. Choose bright Chrome, black powder coat and satin nickel finish. Also see the Cobra FS 380 and the Patriot. The CA380 is priced cheap and always goes bang when you pull the trigger. Keep the rails greased!
Cobra Website Cobra Review & Shoot
Cobra Patriot 380: Haggle Price $240-$270
Polymer frame. Weight: 20.0 oz., Barrel: 3.30", Magazine: 10 rounds
Same pistol as the Patroit 9mm. My guess is the 380 would be more reliable. I hear it takes at least 100 rounds of break-in before they start feeding good. Cobra offers a lifetime warranty on their firearms. Cobra pistols are made in the USA.
Cobra Firearms
Colt Mustang XSP: Haggle Price $470-$500
Polymer frame. Weight: 12.5 oz., Barrel: 2.75", Magazine: 6 rounds
The Mustang is back! The new Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite XSP is small, lightweight and boast enhanced durability, reliability and accuracy, making an ideal handgun for personal protection. High Profile Sights. Commander Style Hammer. Solid Aluminum Trigger. Lowered Ejection Port. Stainless Steel Slide.
Colt Firearms Colt Mustang XPS Video Review

Diamondback DB380: Haggle Price $230-$260
Polymer frame. Weight: 8.8 oz., Barrel: 2.80", Magazine: 6 rounds
A steel trigger with dual connecting bars allows for a crisp smooth, five-pound DAO trigger pull. The slide, barrel, and internal parts are coated to resist corrosion. I purchased a DB380 for my woman and she really likes it. It looks like the M&P mated with a Glock.
Diamondback Website DB 380 Video Review

This New Holster Type Is A CCW Game Changer For Sure
Glock 42 380 ACP: Haggle Price $400 - $430
Polymer frame. Weight: 13.8 oz., Barrel: 3.25", Magazine: 6 rounds
The Glock 42 is brand new and hot hot hot! I don't think they will be able to build them fast enough. Put your order in way in advance. You know, about half the cops in this country are going to want one as a backup. From the testing I have seen, the Glock 42 is just as sturdy as their duty pistols. I got one on radar for the little woman.
Glock 42 Review Talon Grips For Glock Buy Glock Pistols
Grand Power CP-380: Haggle Price $440-$470
Polymer frame. Weight: 26.0 oz., Barrel: 3.30", Magazine: 12 rounds
I am sure this Grand Power 380 is made for the european market, where many police still carry the 380 ACP as a duty pistol. Accurate blowback operation. Made to compete with the Beretta 84 and CZ 83 pistols. This is a strong and sturdy handgun made for hard service. If you are in the market for a well built pistol, this is the one.
Grand Power CP-380 Page
Hi-Point CF-380: Haggle Price $140-$170
Polymer frame. Weight: 29.0 oz., Barrel: 3.50", Magazine: 8 rounds
With the Hi-Point CF-380, you are assured of reliability and accuracy at an affordable price. Durable, attractive easy-grip finish. 100% American parts & assembly. The CF380 comes with a lifetime unconditional warranty. The 9mm C9 may be the better deal as both are built on the same platform.
Hi-Point CF-380 Video - Gem or Junk?
Jimenez JA 380: Haggle Price $140-$170
Alloy frame. Weight: 19.0 oz., Barrel: 2.75", Magazine: 6 rounds
The Jimenez Arms J.A. .380 is quite possibly one of the simplest, easiest to use and most comfortable compact .380's on the market today. If you're in the market for a compact .380 and price, accuracy and comfort is a factor- the Jimenez Arms J.A. 380 is your solution
Jimenez Website Shooting Jimenez JA 380
Kahr Arms P380, CW380: Haggle $520-$550 (CW $330-$350)
Poly frame. Weight: 10.7 oz., Barrel: 2.50", Magazine: 6 rounds
The P380 features premium Lothar Walther match grade barrel, with drift adjustable white bar-dot combat sights. You get the premium Kahr quality in a sweet little package. With the Kahr CW380 you get the same Kahr P380 reliability and performance for $200 less! Awesome!!!
Kahr P380 Forums Kahr CW380 Page Kahr CW380 Review
Kahr Arms CT380: Haggle Price $330-$350
Poly frame. Weight: 12.9 oz., Barrel: 3.0", Magazine: 7 rounds
The new CT380 fills the gap between compact pocket 380 pistols and the small 9mms. Compared to the CW380 above, the CT380 is a real blessing for women shooters. Felt recoil is greatly reduced and the slide is easy to rack. The CT380 is awesome for us guys too. The longer barrel is more accurate, and the grip fits better in a man's hand. Love the price!
Kahr CT380 Page CT380 Review & Shoot
Kel-Tec P-3AT: Haggle Price $230-$260
Polymer frame. Weight: 8.3 oz., Barrel: 2.75", Magazine: 6 rounds
The KEL-TEC P-3AT is the lightest .380 Auto pistol ever made. Intended for police officers as a secondary weapon, or for concealed carry. The small grip size and light trigger pull make the P-3AT ideal for female shooters.
Kel-Tec Site Kel-Tec 380 Field Test
Kimber Micro 380: Haggle Price $520-$550
Alloy frame. Weight: 13.4 oz., Barrel: 2.75", Magazine: 6 rounds
This is one of the lightest weight 1911 pistols you can buy. How did they get the weight so low without using a lot of plastic? Amazing! The Kimber Micro is a little costly. It is a bargain for a Kimber though. The Micro sells like crazy, so someone has money to spend. Sweet handgun. Just added to my dream list.
Kimber America Website
NAA Guardian 380: Haggle Price $390-$420
Steel frame. Weight: 18.8 oz., Barrel: 2.49", Magazine: 6 rounds
The NAA Guardian 380 ACP is popular with law enforcement and for concealed carry. It offers great stopping power in a small package that fits easily in your pocket or purse. We stand behind the quality and back it up with our lifetime warranty.
NAA Guardian Page

Concealed Carry Firearms Insurance - Must Have!
You must have this for Concealed Carry and Home Defense!
This could really save your hide when deadly force is required!
Remington RM380: Haggle Price $340-$370
Alloy frame. Weight: 12.2 oz., Barrel: 2.90", Magazine: 6 rounds
The new Remington RM380 is now in dealers. This is a good one! All-metal construction for ultimate durability and longevity. This breakthrough pistol delivers unrivaled quality and ingenuity in a micro-size package for personal protection and portability. Best of all, the Remington RM380 is made in Alabama USA.
Remington RM380 Page RM380 Video
Ruger LCP 380: Haggle Price $240-$270
Polymer frame. Weight: 9.4 oz., Barrel: 2.75", Magazine: 6 rounds
The new LCP is Ruger's first true pocket auto. It has a glass-filled nylon frame and a through-hardened blued steel slide. You know if Ruger makes it, it will be reliable and offer many years of service.
New Ruger LCP 380    Ruger LCP Review
Ruger LC380: Haggle Price $350-$380
Polymer frame. Weight: 17.1 oz., Barrel: 3.12", Magazine: 7 rounds
Not much to say here. The LC380 380 ACP is pretty much the same pistol as the LC9 in 9mm. Compared to the little LCP above, the LC380 is much nicer to shoot, and should be more reliable. The LC380 compares well to the new Glock 380 too.
Video Compares LC380 to LCP

S&W Bodyguard 380: Haggle Price $290-$320
Polymer frame. Weight: 11.9 oz., Barrel: 2.75", Magazine: 6 rounds
The S&W Bodyguard 380 is uniquely engineered as the most state-of-the-art, concealable and accurate personal protection possible. Lightweight, simple to use and featuring integrated laser sights.
S&W Bodyguard Page    S&W Bodyguard Video     S&W Pistols For Sale
Sig Sauer P250 Sub-compact: Haggle Price $400-$430
Polymer frame. Weight: 24.9 oz., Barrel: 3.60", Mag: 10 or 12 rounds
At a hefty 24.9 ounces, this doublestack Sig pistol is very easy to shoot. The recoil is very low and the slide is easy to rack. The P250 double action trigger is a little on the heavy side and feels like a DA 38 revolver. The trigger is no problem for a defensive pistol. The P250 is not a micro pistol, but the perfect handgun for the new shooter. The problem is finding one. Rumor is there will be a Sig P320 in 380 ACP available soon.
Sig Arms Website P250 380 Video
Sig Arms P290 380 ACP: Haggle Price $390-$410
Polymer frame. Weight: 16.4 oz., Barrel: 2.9", Magazine: 6 or 8 rounds
Yep. Sig makes the P290 in both 9mm and 380 ACP. For an 380, the P290 is way overbuilt. You want a gun that will last forever? This is it. An advantage over the 9mm, is the slide is easy to rack. Sig also makes their P250 compact in 380 if you are looking for something much bigger.
P290 380 ACP Video From Sig
Taurus PT738 TCP 380: Haggle Price $230-$260
Polymer frame. Weight: 10.2 oz., Barrel: 2.84", Magazine: 6 rounds
The 738 TCP is not only the lightest semi-auto in the Taurus line. It is lighter than any of the small frame revolvers from Taurus. The 738 TCP has a durable polymer frame and low-profile fixed sights. Good size to strap to your ankle. Only 4.5 pound trigger pull!
Taurus PT738 TCP Review Taurus TCP Video
Taurus Curve 180: Haggle Price $260-$350
Polymer frame. Weight: 10.2 oz., Barrel: 2.70", 6 rounds
The Taurus Curve is the ultimate gimmick gun. You can dazzle your buddies with this one at the range. There is no sights, as the laser is your pointer. There is a built in flashlight for night shooting. The frame and grip is bent to fit the contours of your body to reduce printing. I am sure the guts are from the Taurus TCP, so reliability should not be a problem. Stock up on batteries!
Taurus Curve Page

Stops 44 Magnum! IIIA Bulletproof Vest - Priced Cheap!

Walther PK380: Haggle Price $350-$380
Polymer frame. Weight: 19.4 oz., Barrel: 3.66", Magazine: 8 rounds
The PK380 Has Lightweight Polymer Non-Slip Grips. Spurred External Hammer. Ambidextrous Magazine Release. 3-Dot Steel Sights. Plus Integral Picatinny Style Accessory Rail. Bargain price for a Walther! I would choose the PK380 first for women shooters. The reason is the recoil spring is light, so the slide is very easy to rack back.
PK380 Review    Walther PK380 Video
Walther PPK/S: Haggle Price $530-$560
Alloy frame. Weight: 22.4 oz., Barrel: 3.3", Magazine: 7 rounds
The elegant lines of the legendary Walther PPK have caught the imagination of the world for over 75 years. PPK/S pistols are now produced in the USA under license by Smith & Wesson.
Walther PPK Pistol PPK Video Review
Witness Pavona Compact: Haggle Price $310-$340
Polymer frame. Weight: 28.5 oz., Barrel: 3.6", Magazine: 13 rounds
It is funny this gun is called a compact. It is a duty size pistol! This could be good. The extra weight and size really reduces felt recoil. Good pistol for your gun shy sweetie. Witness pistols are known for accuracy and reliable feeding. Available in many different colors. I like purple.
Pavona Page


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The 380 ACP pistols is much more powerful than the 32 S&W Long. The .380 ACP handgun pistol cartridge can be a pleasant shooter for women and those new to the sport. Bersa best 380 ACP Ruger Firestorm best .380 ACP Sig CZ Taurus Kel-tec and Hi-Point Best 380 ACP pistols for concealed carry and LE police backup. new for 2016 The Best 380 ACP pistol Walther PPK pistol was good enough for James Bond, Right? Great for concealed carry CCW. Bersa Ruger CCW Firestorm Concealed carry Sig guns CZ 83 is the best .380 ACP pistol? Taurus PT 58 new for 2016 best 380 ACP pistol PT 138 ccw handguns Kel-tec and Hi-Point 380 handguns. Gun Dealer Tikka Winchester Ruger deer rifle Savage Remington AK47 AR15

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