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Best Ammo & Guns Affiliate Program Out There!

   If you have a website or blog related to guns, tactical shooting, hunting, or any firearms interest, you can earn good income. Partner and make money with this awesome ammunition affiliate program.
  Lucky Gunner is one of the best places online to buy ammunition at really affordable prices. Click on the below banner, and you will see what we are talking about.

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  The base rate on their ammo affiliate program is 3% on Commissions up to $100. If you generate more than $100 per month in commissions, you will retroactively be bumped up to a 4% commission rate on those previously generated commissions. This is a great deal!
  With 90 day cookies, you are sure to bag a sale from someone that is just browsing today, but does not buy until a month or two later. They have several nice banners you can use on your site. We have been a partner for several years now, and they always pay us on time through PayPal.

  Click on the "Click Here to Join" button below, and fill out the application. Almost everyone gets approved.

  You may not realize just how much ammunition you can get orders for. A guy that has an AR15 or AK47 rifle can burn through 1,000 rounds in a weekend. Many will go shooting every weekend! Some of the combat pistol shooters use almost this much too. You would not think there is a recession the way these guys go through bullets!
  All it takes is a few repeat customers like this to provide you with some huge paydays.

More Money Makers
Join the LinkConnector Network. LinkConnector is an awesome affiliate network with some good money making merchants.
  • CCW and Defense Insurance: Gun Digest has teamed up with the Armed Citizen's Leagal Defense to offer affordable self defense and CCW insurance. CCW insurance is a must for concealed carry. Five days in jail is a vacation. Twenty years is hell!
  • SWVA Arms is an online firearms and ammo dealer. Their gun prices are near wholesale with an awesome shipping program. They pay good commission! I don't know how they do it with the low prices.
  • Guns International is no doubt the largest firearms (guns) classifieds site online. If you have a guns related website, this will make you some money. They pay $1 per lead! This could be the best firearms affiliate program out there!
  • The Gun Digest store sells tons of hot selling books and other goodies. I like their tactical training books the best. So do my website visitors. High commissions!
  • The site offers what the hunter and shooter needs while paying good commissions.
    If you are serious about making money online, LinkConnector is the affiliate network to join!
    Sign up with LinkShare (Rakuten). Below are just a few of the good outdoors merchants at LinkShare.
  • Gander Mountain is a huge sporting goods store with good deals on ammo, firearms, and hunting stuff. Yes, you can make affiliate commissions on gun sales!
  • Tractor Supply has deals on gun safes, plus apparel and boots for the outdoorsman. Tools and outdoor power equipment too. One of my favorite stores!
  • WalMart has everything, and they ship goods to your front door. Hooking up with the largest retailer in the USA will look good on your website or blog. WalMart has twice the selection on their website, compared to the local stores.
  • Camping World: Need we say more? Awesome store!
  • Apparel for hunting or your private special-ops militia.
    Shareasale Affiliate Network The Shareasale network is just freaking huge, and accepts about any affiliate marketer. Some of their good money making members are:
  • Botach Tactical. Firearms, ammo, and tactical goodies store.
  • Outdoor Pros. Giant selection of holsters and other shooting related stuff.
  • Optics Planet. Scopes and binoculars.
  • Field Supply. Hunting and shooting stuff.
  • BulletSafe $299 Level III bulletproof vest. (hot seller)
  • Many Others: Security Pro, Deadwood Knives, Chief Supply, Army Navy Store, PCS Outdoors, Home Display Cases, Browning Shop etc.
    The PeerFly Network is the best one if you want to make money fast; like making $16 commission on getting visitors to signup for something that is FREE. They have over 1,300 offers to choose from. My favorite affiliate network! Some offers pay over $100 commission per signup or sale!
  • People need money to buy guns, and Peerfly has several cash lenders. Cash loan companies do well on firearms websites. Commissions are huge!

    make money selling legal buds!
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