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Best 9mm Pistol List Page 2
16. Taurus PT 92: Haggle Price $390-$420
Alloy frame. Weight: 34.0 oz., Barrel: 5.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
The PT92 is what happens when Beretta sells their Brazil factory to Taurus. The stainless steel model is awesome ($25 more). This Beretta 92 copy is just as good as the Beretta in about every way. Taurus made some changes to the Beretta design; like putting the safety lever on the frame. Reliably feeds every brand of 9mm ammo including Wolf and Blazers. With the 5" barrel, it is a tack-driver. Allow a few hundred rounds for break-in. Don't pay attention to all the disinformation from Beretta snobs. The PT 92 must be one of the best 9mm pistols bargains in the industry, and an economical way to get into combat shooting. Sure is pretty. The PT92 is the top gun Taurus makes. The newer PT92 models have the 1913 accessory rail. Cool.
PT92 Video

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17. MRI Baby Eagle III Steel: Haggle Price $570-$600
Steel frame. Weight: 38 oz., Barrel: 4.43", Magazine: 16 rounds
The MRI Baby Desert Eagle is all steel with a 4.43" barrel. Handles just like the CZ 75, but more solid. Very good shooter with a strong heavy feel to it. Allow about 200 rounds for break-in. I love shooting this baby. Accurate as heck. The good trigger and solid feel makes this the ultimate double-tap pistol. It is as close to the perfect shooter as you can get. The MRI Baby Eagle is a good choice for combat competition. The finish is much better than past Baby Eagle pistols. Overall quality is great. The Baby Eagle is built to last a lifetime. The Isralies sure know how to make fine firearms. Also known as the IWI Jericho 941. There is also a less expensive 9mm Baby Eagle III version with polymer frame that weighs 10 ounces less. We have not had a chance to test the poly framed Baby Eagle III pistol. It sure looks mean.
New Baby Eagle III Video

Steel Frame

Polymer Version

18. Sig Sauer Pro SP2022: Haggle Price $470-$500
Polymer frame. Weight: 29.0 oz., Barrel: 3.90", Magazine: 15 rounds
Sig Pro SP2022 prices have come down to the bargin bin zone! For a little more than the price of a Taurus, you can own a Sig! Buy the integral fire control unit ($45) and change the pistol from DA/SA mode to DAO if you want. No break-in needed, as the single action trigger pull is very smooth and just over 4 pounds. Sweet shooter. Recoil is very light, plus you can tune the SP2022 to fit your hand by swapping out the grip frame ($45). Accuracy is excellent and on par with metal framed handguns. At 29 ounces, the Sig Pro SP2022 is a little heavy for an 9mm polymer framed pistol this size. In fact it weighs more than the CZ P-01 metal framed pistol. It must have the beef in the right places because the US military uses the SP2022. With a decocker and 15 round magazine, it is an excellent cop gun. Also available in 40 S&W.
Sig Pro SP2022 Video

19. Beretta PX4: Haggle Price $480-$510
Polymer frame. Weight: 27.7 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
The PX4 Storm wins the award for the most pretty pistol. Design, fit and finish is excellent. You can swap out backstraps to make it fit your hand better. It the hand, it points and feels like the perfect pistol. The bigger 92FS is a better long range shooter, but the PX4 9x19mm is better for carry. Allow about 300 rounds before the trigger smoothes out. I like the common DA/SA as found on most steel guns. With the rotating barrel and poly frame, recoil is almost nothing. It kicks like a .380! My wife just loves this gun. I also had the chance to shoot a PX4 in .40 S&W, and the recoil was only a little bit more. The PX4 Storm is gaining popularity as a cop gun. Good choice for combat too. Have you noticed the best combat shooters have dish-pan hands. Dish washing may be the trick. Update: Soon Beretta will release their new APX striker fired pistol. The APX is ultra slim, but holds 17 rounds. Hahaha, you thought the Nano was ugly?
PX4 Combat Video New Beretta APX

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20. Lionheart LH9N-MKII: Haggle Price $590-$620
Alloy frame. Weight: 26.4 oz., Barrel: 4.10", Magazine: 15 rounds
It has been a long time since a new gun created this much excitement. The Lionheart pistols are not really that new. Remember the Korean Daewoo pistols from 25 years ago? The Daewoo was a good knockoff of the awesome S&W 5903. The Smith & Wesson 59 series were some of the best 9mm cop guns ever made. In fact the new Lionheart LH9N-MKII accepts the S&W 59 series pistol magazines! The Double Action Plus+ Action is unique to Lionheart. it can function as a single action, long travel single action, or standard DA/SA. Love the trigger! The Lionheart LH9N-MKII has an alloy frame and is lighter than many polymer handguns. The Novak sights are cool. I love how it feels in the holster, and I love the way it shoots. Just awesome!
Lionheart Pistol Review video

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21. Bersa Thunder Pro HC: Haggle Price $410-$440
Alloy frame. Weight: 30.0 oz., Barrel: 4.20", Magazine: 17 rounds
Don't pay attention to all the FUD from people that have never owned a Bersa. Bersa makes darn good guns! I can't believe you can buy such a nice handgun for so little money. The Thunder Pro HC model holds 18 9x19mm rounds. The Bersa Thunder Pro has that expensive pistol feel to it. Very tight gun! It reminds me so much of the S&W 5903. The 4.2" barrel, DA/SA, and good trigger, provides excellent accuracy. Good for combat! This metal framed pistol weighs only 30 ounces, and is a fine carry gun. The Bersa Thunder Pro HC is a proven military and police sidearm in South America. Reliability? This Bersa functions 100% of the time and I hear they never wear out. Backed with a Lifetime warranty. What more can you ask for?
Bersa Pro Review
22. Taurus 24/7 G2: Haggle Price $310-$340
Polymer frame. Weight: 28.0 oz., Barrel: 4.20", Magazine: 17 rounds
Taurus has had 4 long years to make the 24/7 G2 perfect. Four years is a long time to work out any bugs or issues. Taurus does have a real winner with this handgun. The 24/7 G2 is a striker fired pistol with a ambidextrous thumb saftey. It is striker fired but has a decocker just like a DA/SA pistol. It has "Strike Two" capability. The G2 has many of the great features of the 800 series and OSS model. It comes with three interchangeable backstraps and two magazines. Very fun gun to shoot with good accuracy. Average trigger. Novak sights are nice. We listed the 24/7 G2 here because Taurus has made the 24/7 a good reliable shooter. This could be the best 9mm pistol at this price point. I hear Taurus customer service is getting much better.
24/7 G2 Review Video

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23. Springfield XD9 Service 4": Haggle Price $410-$440
Polymer frame. Weight: 28 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 16 rounds
Springfield's little factory in Croatia is turning out some awesome firearms! The 4 inch barrel XD9 Service pistol is a popular handgun for police and security use. Safety and reliability have always been the two biggest selling points. There is no thumb safety you have to think about. Just pull it out of your holster and shoot. The 1911 type grip safety combined with the trigger safety is all you need. Years ago one of the gun magazines did a 20,000 round torture test on the XD9 and they could not kill it! The 4" XD may not be the most accurate range pistol ever made, but it is durable and should provide many years of service. It feels really good in the hand and is a natural pointer. Also available in 40 S&W. Check out the new thinner Service model with the Mod2 makeover for just $50 more. It is so pretty. Will the Mod2 replace the standard XD in 2016?
Review of XD-9 Service Model Trigger Kits

24. Canik TP9-V2": Haggle Price $340-$370
Polymer frame. Weight: 27.0 oz., Barrel: 4.10", Magazine: 18 rounds
The Canik TP9-V2 is imported by Century Arms (CIA) from Turkey. The original Canik55 TP9 was a very good knockoff of the Walther P99. Some reviews say it's just as good as the Walther. Now Canik has taken the Walter P99 design and made it their own with the TP9-V2. The TP9V2 is a very sweet shooter with a nice trigger. It retains the P99 type decocker safety with a button on top of the slide. Decocked, the trigger pull feels like that of a D/A revolver for the first shot. The TP9-V2 should be ranked higher on this list, but it still gets the "knockoff" penalty. There is a longer barrel TP9-SA version for you combat shooters. I have seen some really nice guns from the Turks in the last few years. The Canik TP9-V2 is a very good one. Interchangable backstrap, holster, and two magazines included.
Canik TP9-V2 Review

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25. Springfield XDs 4.0: Haggle Price $440-$470
Polymer frame. Weight: 25.0 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Mags: 7 or 8 rounds
One thing about the XDs, it has the good looks. I love the thiness of single stack pistols. The only XDs drawback is the weight. It weighs 4oz more than the Kahr CT9 and 2oz more than the fatter Glock 19. The weight may not be a problem for some shooters. Women will love how the XDs tames recoil. Some will see more heft as added quality and durability. One thing for sure, it is a good shooter. The XDs will hold it's own with duty size pistols at the range. The trigger does feel a little stiffer than the large XD pistols. The trigger may improve with use. Great handgun for concealed carry. The 8 round mag with the grip extension makes for a fine duty pistol too. Now I wish Walther would make an 4 inch barrel version of the PPS.
XDs 4" Review Video XDS Trigger Kits

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26. EAA Witness Steel: Haggle Price $460-$490
Steel frame. Weight: 33.0 oz., Barrel: 4.50", Magazine: 17 rounds
This is a very high quality Italian pistol made by Tanfoglio. Tanfoglio builds world champion competition pistols, and you can feel the performance in the standard Witness Steel. This is a very fine shooter. Decent trigger. Many people say the Witness pistol is a CZ 75 clone, but when you hold them in your hand, there is a difference. A well used Witness will hold it's own with custom combat pistols on the range. This is a big pistol as it uses the same frame as the powerful 10mm. Overbuilt indeed! You can convert it to 22LR, 40, 45, 38 Super, or 10mm with a $250 kit. I own a compact version in 10mm auto and it is a thrill to shoot! Love the Wonder finish. These guns are built to last forever.
Nice Article on Witness pistols

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27. Walther PPX: Haggle Price $310-$340
Polymer frame. Weight: 26.0 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 16 rounds
There are three good reasons why the new Walther PPX should be the top selling police duty carry pistol in coming years. The first is the price. Local governments are strapped for cash with the down economy and the PPX cost $200 less than the Glock. The second, is the sweet PPX 6 pound DAO trigger. Long, smooth, and safe trigger pull that is like the Kahr P9. No thumb safety required, and you carry it ready to fire. The third reason is; it is a German made Walther! Only the expensive Heckler & Koch has a higher quality rating. At the range it handles just like P99 and PPQ Walthers. After shooting a few magazines, you forget it has a DAO trigger, as you are hitting everything straight just like a combat pistol. You can get the PPX in 40 S&W too. Update. There is a new PPX version called the "Creed" coming soon. It has a sleeker look and smooth trigger pull.
PPX Review Video

28. Ruger American Pistol: Haggle Price $420-$450
Polymer frame. Weight: 30 oz., Barrel: 4.20", Magazine: 17 rounds
Sure is pretty. You wonder why Ruger made this pistol. After a few revisions the Ruger SR9 is an excellent handgun. Why this new model? Did they want to build a pistol that looks like the HK? Normally when you come out with a new model, you try to one-up the competition. The American trigger is stiff with a long reset. It is OK for a service pistol, but not near as sweet as the FNS or PPQ triggers. At 30 ounces, the American is heavy for a poly pistol. The innards and frame looks like it could handle the hammering of a 10mm. I figured it out! Ruger must want NATO Certification. Overbuilt pistol with 4.2" barrel and extra safe trigger means Ruger built this gun to go after military contracts. For us civilians, I am sure there is an aftermarket trigger kit in the works.
Ruger American Review Video

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29. Kahr Arms CT9: Haggle Price $320-$350
Polymer frame. Weight: 20.6 oz., Barrel: 3.97", Magazine: 8 rounds
The Best 9mm handguns site would not be complete without a quality lightweight Kahr single stack 9mm. The Kahr CT9 is the ultimate everyday carry gun. It has an 4 inch barrel, but weighs the same as the stubby Glock 26. At less than 1 inch width, it is so easy to hide. It is big enough that it looks good in an open carry holster too. The CT9 holds 9 rounds. This may be a drawback to some, but six rounds was good enough 35 years ago. It has the smooth trigger Kahr is famous for. If I had a security job that required me to carry all day, the Kahr CT9 would be my gun. I own the smaller Kahr CW9, and it has been 100% reliable through 900 rounds. I just did a weekend at the range shootings my friend's new CT9, and I love it! The CT9 performs the same as the expensive premium TP9. Got extra money to burn? The Kahr TP9 is about $550.
CT9 Review Video

30. FMK 9C1 G2 Fast Action: Haggle Price $350-$380
Polymer frame. Weight: 23.4 oz., Barrel: 4.0", Magazine: 14 rounds
Bargain alert! This pistol is available in 7 different colors. You can also get one with or without the Bill of Rights written all over it. The FMK 9C1 G2 is made in California. It sounds like a crazy gimmick gun that stupid people would buy. Wrong. It is about the same size as the Glock 19, and has a low bore axis. It even can use aftermarket Glock sights. The striker fired trigger is good as the Glock, but not quite PPQ smooth. The grip feels good, even for smaller hands. The first 50 rounds will provide some FTE and FTF issues. After that it shoots perfect. You have the option to swap out from fast action to an 9lb DAO trigger if you want it to feel like a Sig P250. I ordered one in Black without the writing all over it. FMK firearms are 100% US made and come with a lifetime warranty. Awesome deal!
FMK 9C1 G2 Video

31. Steyr Pistol M-A1: Haggle Price $470-$500
Polymer frame. Weight: 30.0 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
I hope the Steyr M-A1 has not changed much, as the one I tested was 4 years old. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these for a long time. Now to the gun. The goofy looks of the M-A1 do grow on you. It does not look like any other pistol out there. With the low bore axis, it shoots like a heavy Glock 19. This is good and bad. The bad is packing this gun on your hip when there are many lighter options available. The good is the Steyr M-A1 shoots great. The extra heft really helps with double taps and staying on target. With the weight, it feels like more quality is there too. The grip fits medium hands well. No option to swap out backstraps. Funky sights. Great house gun.
Steyr M9-A1 Review Video

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32. Taurus PT 809: Haggle Price $310-$340
Polymer frame. Weight: 30.2 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 17 rounds
I can't believe this pistol is priced so cheap! It would be a good bargain at $450! The PT 809 is a high quality Taurus duty pistol. Features such as DA/SA instead of striker action, and different backstraps for hand fitment. Even though I have medium sized hands, the smaller grip feels the best. It shoots very nice at the range with no ammo problems at all. The PT 809 will fool you into thinking it is a metal frame handgun. It feels that solid. SA trigger pull is right at 5 pounds and very crisp. It should get even lighter with use. The PT809 is one of the most reliable pistols Taurus makes. Some say this is a much better gun than the 24/7.
PT809 Review Video.

33. Smith & Wesson SD9 VE: Haggle Price $320-$350
Polymer frame. Weight: 22.7 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 16 rounds
I was not looking forward to doing a SD9 review thinking is was just a modified Sigma. Boy was I wrong. The SD9 is a very fun and good shooting gun! Trigger pull was a smooth 7.5 pounds, but feels lighter. There is no trigger stacking to speak of, and feels like a Colt revolver trigger to me. No saftey levers to hang up on clothing. S&W is marketing the SD9 as a home and personal defense handgun. Why? I can see an officer using the SD9 as his everyday carry weapon! SD9 range performance was very good and ammo problems are not an issue. It does not handle or feel like a M&P or Sigma, but does feel good in the hand. At about 23 ounces, the SD9 would make a nice concealed carry piece. My gosh! Look at the price! The inexpensive Apex spring kit and Action Enhancement trigger will make for a sweet Glock-like crisp trigger. Must have upgrade!
Expert with SD9

34. Diamondback DB-FS 9mm: Haggle Price $290-$320
Polymer frame. Weight: 21.5 oz., Barrel: 4.75", Magazine: 15 rounds
One of the best of the budget far. The USA made Diamondback DB-FS is well thought out plus the quality is there. Stainless slide and chromoly barrel. The sights are even made of steel! With the low bore axis it points like the Glock. The striker fire action and trigger is fairly good. As big as this gun is, it should hold 17 round mags, not 15. Even the smaller FN FNS has 17 round magazines! It also lacks the option to swap out backstraps. The magazine is very stiff. Keep it loaded for a week and all will be fine. We gave it a penalty because of unknown long term reliability. Diamondback is known to make buggy guns when they first come out with something new. If all is fine next year , we will move DB-FS to the main page. Diamondback firearms have a lifetime warranty. Yes; we are impressed with the DB-FS pistol so far.
Very Deep DB-FS Review

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35. Sig Sauer P250 Full Size: Haggle Price $390-$420
Polymer frame. Weight: 29.4 oz., Barrel: 4.70", Magazine: 17 rounds
I wanted to hate the P250 before I even tested it. The P250 is a modular pistol with a 6.5 pound DAO trigger, thus not the makings of a good shooter. Surprise! The P250 is a really nice shooting pistol. I expected a modular gun to be loose fitting, but the P250 is very tight. A lighter trigger with less take-up would be welcome. It feels like a DAO revolver trigger and the reset is long making double-taps much slower than the XDm or Glock. Sig does make a short trigger (shorter reach) you can buy that should make the P250 shoot great. I shot two mags through a friend's P250 Compact with the "short" trigger, and it shoots much better. A good bargain is the 2-SUM kit where you get everything you need to have a sub-compact OR Full size handgun. The Sig P250 should be a darn good duty pistol. It's a Sig, so it should last. Note: Check out the new Sig P320 on the main page.
Sig P250 Commercial Buy Grip Size Modules Here.

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36. Arcus 98 DAC: Haggle Price $330-$350
Alloy frame. Weight: 31.8 oz., Barrel: 4.00", Magazine: 13 rounds
Made in Bulgaria. This double action Hi-Power clone is stone reliable and a good shooter. Overbuilt is the best way to describe it. It does retain the feel of the famous Browning Hi-Power pistol. Arcus makes a SA single action version, and a longer barrel DA/SA version. The model we have listed here is the compact DAC version with the 4 inch barrel. The DAC is the most handy dandy of the bunch. With my Arcus, I took it apart and polished up all the internals so it would run like a well oiled sewing machine. When I was done, it would shoot like a top 10 pistol. Good all metal gun for little money!
Arcus Bulgaria Site Arcus 98 Video - Full Size

37. Zastava CZ999: Haggle Price $300-$330
Alloy frame. Weight: 32.0 oz., Barrel: 3.86", Magazine: 15 rounds
What the heck is Zastava? Zastava has been in business 90 years longer than Glock or HK! Remember the awesome Charles Daly ZDA? The Zastava CZ999 is the same gun. This Sig M11-A1 clone is very high quality and the finish is excellent. The Zastava EZ is a very tight pistol and takes a few hundred rounds to loosen up. The trigger is above average and should get even better with use. Zero ammo problems. The Zastava is very accurate for it's size. So fun to shoot! This is an $800 gun for less than half the price; making the CZ999 a real bargain. Zastava is a quality company that makes long guns for Remington.

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38. Stoeger Cougar 8000: Haggle Price $390-$420
Alloy frame. Weight: 32.0 oz., Barrel: 3.62", Magazine: 15 rounds
Beretta replaced the Cougar with the PX4, and moved Cougar production to Turkey. The Cougar 8000 was too good to let die. With lower production cost, You can now get a Cougar for half the price! Allow about 300 rounds for the trigger to smooth out. The accuracy is amazing with the short 3.62" barrel. We are talking 2" groups from a rest at 25 yards! Accuracy is better than many full size pistols. This gun is so tight! The rotating barrel design and great trigger are the reason the Stoeger Cougar 8000 shoots so good. This proven design feeds all types of 9mm ammo just fine. The recoil feels like a .380 ACP. The magazine for this gun holds 15 rounds. Great pistol bargain for concealed carry or duty use.
G&A Stoeger Cougar Test Cougar Commercial

39. Rock Island GI 1911-A1 9mm: Haggle Price $420-$450
Steel frame. Weight: 38.5 oz., Barrel: 5.00", Magazine: 9 rounds
The Rock Island Armory GI is the only 9mm 1911 I ever owned. I was going to get the Tactical version, but I read that it was buggy in 9mm. The RIA GI version works great, as it ran smooth and never any jams. It runs just as good as the $1,000 Colt 1911 45 ACP pistol I owned. The 1911 is an 100 year old design, so it is heavy and only holds 9 rounds in the mag. It is also a military clone, so it is ugly. There are tons of hot-rod aftermarket parts you can trick it out with. Taurus make a really nice 1911 9mm too. Replace the Taurus magazines with Mec-Gar brand, and it runs very smooth. The 1911 9mm is not the ideal handgun, but they are accurate and so fun at the range. It's all about fun; right?
Armscor Rock Island Site

40. EAA Witness Polymer Full": Haggle Price $370-$400
Polymer frame. Weight: 30.0 oz., Barrel: 4.50", Magazine: 17 rounds
For the money, it is difficult to get more gun. It has a great trigger and handles more like a steel gun. The poly frame soaks up recoil. At 30 ounces, it is overbuilt for a polymer framed handgun. It comes with top features like 18 round magazine capacity and accessory rail. No funky trigger or switches, as the DA/SA works the same as their steel pistol. This gun is a good shooter. Take it to the range with the Glock or XD9 and you will see how good it is. I am always worried about poly framed guns taking the abuse. It is a big gun. The 9mm uses the same frame as the 45 ACP. If it can handle the hammering of the .45, the 9mm should be fine. It shoots like a top 10 pistol. The Rock Island (Armscor) MAPP is the same pistol!
Witness Polymer Review Video

41. TriStar S-120: Haggle Price $360-$390
Steel frame. Weight: 36.2 oz., Barrel: 4.70", Magazine: 16 rounds
This is the best copy of the CZ 75b I have seen. I mean, it is an exact knockoff! The TriStar S-120 will even take CZ magazines and aftermarket performance parts. The only difference is the grip panels and trigger guard. It handles and shoots like the CZ 75b too. The S-120 will gobble flea-market reloads all day long without a single jam. At 15 yards it will chew out bullseyes! If is so good, why is it not listed in the top 10? There are still unknowns. Will it last 30,000 rounds like the CZ? How is customer service? Will the finish flake off? TriStar also make an alloy framed version called the L-120 that weighs only 28 ounces. TriStar also has knockoffs of the CZ SP-01 and Baby Eagle II. This is the 3rd Turkish made gun on this page. The invasion is here folks.
Chrome S-120 Youtube Video.

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