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There has been many request for a best 45 ACP pistol list. Here it is friends. This list is put together as bias free as can be. Need proof? I hate plastic guns. Yes I have owned a few polymer framed pistols. Notice the 3 plastic guns in the top 5 of the 45 ACP list. If they didn't shoot so good, I would be sick in the head.

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Most of you will not agree with our list. Neither do I. Each time I go to the range, my opinion changes. Some of the decisions are from opinoins of gun club members, and not just mine. Yes. I have shot all of these guns at one time or another.
Don't put too much weight on this list. Think of it as a helpful buyers guide.

Best 45 ACP Pistol Under $600
The most important factor with 45 ACP pistols is ammo feeding. Low end M1911 pistols did have some FTF and FTE problems and we just learned to live with it; or fix it. Most of the below pistols feed ammo great, and are very good shooters at the range. It is amazing the 100 year old 1911-A1 service pattern pistol is still hanging with the modern handguns.
Note: The haggle price shown is the best deal you should get from your local dealer.
45 ACP Pistol Barrel Weight Mag Haggle

1. Springfield XD45 5" 5" 31.0 oz 10/13 $530-$570

2. Witness Elite Match 4.75" 33.0 oz 10 $550-$580

3. Taurus PT 1911 5.0" 38.0 oz 8 $520-$550

4. S&W M&P 4.50" 29.6 oz 10 $520-$550

5. Glock G21* 4.60" 26.3 oz 13 $520-$550

6. CZ 97b* 4.80" 40 oz 10 $550-$580

7. RIA 1911-A1 Tactical 5.0" 39.0 oz 8 $460-$490

8. Beretta PX4 45 ACP 4.02" 27.7 oz 9/10 $540-$570

9. Ruger P90 4.50" 34.0 oz 8 $400-$430

10. Witness Steel 4.50" 33.0 oz 10 $460-$490

11. Charles Daly 1911 (out of production) 5.0" 39.5 oz 8 $470-$500

12. Taurus PT945 4.25" 29.5 oz 8 $440-$470

13. Ruger P345 4.25" 29.0 oz 8 $390-$420

14. Hi-Point 45 ACP 4.00" 35.0 oz 9 $170-$200

15. Springfield 1911 Mil** 5.0" 36 oz 7 $560-$590

16. Auto Ordnance 1911SE** 5.0" 39 oz 7 $480-$510

*For large hands. **Good starting point to build custom pistol

Pistols Not Yet Tested: Taurus 24/7 Pro Long Slide, FNH FNP45, Witness Polymer, MRI Baby Eagle

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