best 9mm carbine

Best 9mm Carbines and Grease Guns

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9mm Carbines and Grease Guns

There is no real reason for us to do a "best" list, because each gun is so different. What is awesome is that a 9mm bullet has a muzzle velocity of 1400 to 2000 FPS from a rifle carbine barrel. One thing is for sure; the fun factor is very high!
We didn't list those over $1000. If we missed any, please let us know.
Hi-Point 995 Carbine: Haggle Price $300-$330
Barrel: 16.5", Weight: 7 lbs., 10 shot magazine.
Scope mounts, Sling and swivels, Grip mounted clip release, Quick on-off thumb safety, Operations safety sheet, Free trigger lock, Lifetime warranty, 100% American-made, parts and assembly. The Hi-Point 995 carbine has a reputation of being indestructible. These are much more reliable than the Hi-Point pistols. Great house gun.
Hi-Point 995 Carbine page Shooting 995 Video

JR Carbine: Haggle Price $690-$720
Barrel: 16.3", Weight: 6.5 lbs., Takes Glock Magazines.
The Just Right Carbine is built close to the AR15 or M4 platform. However it is not a true AR. The major difference is it takes Glock 17 magazines. It does cost a few dollars less than a good M4 rifle. The JRC also takes many aftermarket AR-15 accessories. No doubt, the JR Carbine is the ultimate prepper weapon. Also available in 40 and 45 calibers.
Just Right Carbines site JR Carbine Video

Citadel M-1 9mm Carbine: Haggle Price $530-$640
Barrel: 18.0", Weight: 5.8 lbs., Takes Beretta 92 magazines.
I want one of these so bad! Everywhere I look, they are sold out. These look just like a 30 caliber M1 carbine. I am always worried about finding magazines for replica and offbeat guns. This one takes the Beretta 92 (M9) pistol mags, so problem solved. Chiappa also sells the same gun. The wood stock version is $100 more. I am getting one this year, even if I have to go to the factory!
Legacy Citadel M-1 9mm page Citadel M1 Review Video

Kel-Tec SUB-2000: Haggle Price $350-$380
Barrel: 16.1", Weight: 4 lbs., Takes Glock, Beretta, Sig, or S&W magazines.
The SUB-2000 has a greatly extended range compared to a handgun. The superior precision is also very useful against small or partially covered targets at shorter range. Rifle can be reduced to a size of 16" x 7" to facilitate secure storage.
Kel-Tec SUB-2000 site Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Video

Taurus CT9: Haggle Price $700-$730
Barrel: 16.0", Weight: 6.6 lbs., 10 round magazine.
There is a lot of excitement over this new carbine. From what I hear, the Taurus CT9 is premium quality stuff. High capacity magazines are already in the works by aftermarket comapanies. Also available in 40 S&S. Now if they could only get the price down to about $600, I would buy one.
Taurus CT9 Webpage CT9 Range Review Video

Ruger PC9 Carbine: Haggle Price $400 and up
Barrel: 16.25", Weight: 6.375 lbs., 10 shot magazine.
Ruger has discontinued production of PC9 Carbines, but you can still find them in good used condition. They were so well made, you can take a chance on a good used one. The PC9 was one of the best and used by hundreds of police departments. It takes the P series pistol magazines.
Ruger Police Carbine Wiki Ruger PC9 Shooting Video

Air Soft Guns

Beretta CX4 Storm: Haggle Price $710-$740
Barrel: 16.6", Weight: 5.75 lbs., 15 shot magazine.
This is a popular carbine for police use. Form follows function in a symphony of smooth, sweeping curves made possible by the use of modern high strength techno polymers. Berettas use of cutting edge materials also keeps weight down, making the Cx4 a pleasure to carry
Beretta USA CX4 page Fun With CX4 Storm Video

AR-15 Type Rifles & Carbines: Haggle Price $650 and up
The M16, M4, A3, A2, and AR-15 type rifles are made by about a dozen companies. Normally the 9mm Luger is priced the same as the .223 (5.56mm) centerfire rifle. It may be a better choice to get the .223 as it is twice as powerful, even though 9mm ammo is cheaper. These military type guns are very durable and fun to shoot. Aftermarket accessories galore.
Bushmaster Colt Website CMMG site Olympic Arms Lone Wolf
CMMG 9mm AR Video
Also see

Century UC-9 Centurion Carbine: Haggle Price $700-$730
Barrel: 16.0", Weight: 9.0 lbs., 32 shot magazine.
The Centurion uses both Israli (UZI) and American made parts. Fires from the closed bolt and features 2 position adjustable sights. Comes with one 32rd Magazine.
Century Arms Century UC-9 Review Video

Calico M-900 Liberty I 50: Haggle Price $690 and up
Barrel: 16.0", Weight: 3.7 lbs., 50 shot magazine.
Retarted blowback action. Heat treated Chrome Moly barrel. A-356 aluminum reciever. Also check out the Liberty II with 100 round magazine, and the awesome M-950 Liberty III pistol. Can you believe a pistol with a 50 round mag!
Calico Weapons M-900 Shooting Video

Vector Arms UZI Clones: Haggle Price $650 and up
Vector Arms has a huge selection of knockoff UZI carbines and pistols with recievers made in the USA. What is cool is that the Vector product is very high quality at a lower price. There is too much to tell, so it is better to visit the Vector Arms website.
Vector Arms Shooting Vector UZI 9mm Video

Masterpiece Arms MPA30: Haggle Price $400 and up
Used by the bad guys on TV. These machine gun type pistols are available with 3", 6" or 10" barrels. You also have the option of top cocking or side cocker (MPA30ST). In the accessories section of the website it shows the 32 round Sten Magazine. These pistols can be a lot of fun and do get attention at the range! MPA also makes Defender Carbines based on the pistol action. See website.
Masterpiece Arms Site Shooting MPA30 Video

Powerful as 22LR! 1250fps Pellet Rifle. Starting at $120

Talk about cheap ammo. Pellets are about $12 per 1000. Wow!

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