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Trigger Kits: Handguns and AR-15 Rifle

 Why spend the big bucks for a full trigger job by a gunsmith? Instead, buy a low cost trigger kit. This is the most bang-for-the-buck performance mod you can do to your handgun. Swap out some springs or other components, and end up with a competition quality trigger. Unlike a trigger job, swapping out a few parts is reversable!

Handgun Trigger Kits
1911 - 70 and 80 Series
Glock Pistols All Models
Ruger SR9/40 Full and Compact
Ruger 22LR MKII, MKIII, 22/45
Sig Sauer Pistols
Smith SD-9/40 Trigger and Spring
Smith-Wesson M&P Full Size
Smith-Wesson M&P Shield
Springfield XD XDM XDS

AR-15 and M4 Trigger Kits
Super enhanced action is legal full auto!
This is for real! See the videos. Wow!

Ruger 10/22 Rifle Trigger Kits

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