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Best 1911-A1 45 ACP Handguns

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There has been many request for a best cheap 1911 45 ACP pistol list. Here it is friends. This list is put together as bias free as possible, even though I prefer good shooters over eye candy.

Most of you will not agree with our list. Neither do I. Each time I go to the range, my opinion changes. Some of the decisions are from opinoins of gun club members, and not just mine. Yes. I have shot all of these 1911 handguns at one time or another.
Don't put too much weight on this list. Think of it as a helpful buyers guide.

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Best 45 ACP 1911 Pistols Under $700

Note: The haggle price shown is the best deal you should get from your local dealer.

1. MRI Desert Eagle D1911 G: Haggle Price $680-710
Made in Israel by BUL Limited. Wanted features like a high-ride beavertail grip safety, stainless steel full-length guide rod, lightened aluminum trigger with overtravel stop, double-diamond checkered wood grips, skeletonized hammer, high profile sculptured sights, and extended thumb safety. The Desert Eagle 1911 is so cool. Shoots like a champion.
Magnum Research Site Desert Eagle D1911 Video

2. Ruger SR1911 6700: Haggle Price $670-700
Made in USA. Ruger done an awesome job! Series 70 design. No need to add any aftermarket goodies as the SR1911 comes customized. Lightweight aluminum skeletonized trigger features an adjustable over-travel stop and provides a very crisp, no creep, light trigger pull with a quick, positive reset. Oversized ejection port and extended magazine release enhance competition performance.
Ruger Website SR1911 Review Video

3. Remington R1 Enhanced: Haggle Price $660-690
Made in USA. Remington was there before WWII as a handgun supplier to the war effort. My first hot-rod 1911 was made from a surplus Remington-Rand pistol. The Remington R1 Enhanced is the tricked out version with a nice trigger. Also available in stainless steel. The standard R1 is the cheaper military version, but has safety and performance features not found on the surplus pistols.
1911 R1 Site R1 Enhanced Video Review

4. Para Ordnance GI Expert: Haggle Price $600-630
Made in USA. My personal favorite. The stainless version shown is about $30 more. I am amazed Para Ordnance got the price this low. Hand tuned on a bench and test fired. Each features match-grade barrels, crisp triggers and loads of firepower. The GI Expert is built to the highest standards of our craft. Great bargain!
Para USA Website Para Ordnance Expert Unboxing

5. Springfield MilSpec: Haggle Price $570-600
Funny. The Springfield MilSpec is really a borderline race gun disguised to look like a Government model. Sweet trigger. Combat 3 dot sights. High hand grip. Beveled magazine well. Polished feed ramp and throated barrel. Arched mainspring housing. Match grade stainless steel barrel. Lowered and flared ejection port. The stainless MilSpec model sells for about $70 more.
Springfield Website MilSpec Review Video

6. Taurus PT-1911: Haggle Price $530-560
Made in Brazil. Please get the stainless model for $30 more, as the black sucks. Don't judge the Taurus PT-1911 until you get at least 200 rounds through it. Very tight gun! It takes some shooting before all the parts get bedded and the trigger softens up. Series 80 safety. Most of the FUD you see in print is from guys shooting a brand new out-of-the-box pistol. I will admit, the taurus magazines suck. Replace with Mec-Gar mags and life will be great. The PT-1911 is a very well made pistol.
Taurus USA Taurus PT-1911 Review

7. Rock Island 1911 Tactical Two-Tone: Haggle $500-530
Made in Philippines. Rock Island Armory (Armscor) is making some awesome 1911 pistols. The quality is top notch too. The Rock Series Tactical version with the hot-rod goodies already installed. I listed the Two-Tone version, because it is so pretty. The Tactical with nickel finish is a little more money, and the parkerized a little less. For about another $40 you can get the TAC Series that has the 1913 accessory rail.
Armscor International RIA Tactical Overview Video

8. Citidel M-1911 Hogue Grips: Haggle Price $540-570
Made in Philippines. I am guessing this is the same pistol as the Rock Island, but with different finishes, accessories, and grip options. The Hogue finger grips are really cool. Citidel M-1911 is a Series 70 platform, so there is no drop safety to slow down the trigger. Models also available with Cerakote Flat Dark Earth or OD Green finish. Check them out on the Legacy Sports site.
Legacy Sports Intl. Citidel In Combat Video

9. American Classic II Hard Chrome: Haggle $540-570
Made in Philippines by Metro Arms. Metro is known for their high-end quality firearms. Would you look at the finish. Staineless will never be this pretty. The American Classic II Hard Chrome pistol will dazzle your shooting buddies. It shoots and looks like an $1,100 pistol! This gun is marketed by Eagle Imports. Yes; the Bersa people. Bersa is know for having the best customer service in the industry.
American Classic Site AM Classic II Video

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10. Auto Ordnance Military BKO: Haggle Price $450-470
Made in USA. This is about as close to the original WWII 1911-A1 pistols as you are going to get. The BKO is a good seller, and it gives you a good platform to build upon. The BKO comes with a firing pin block. Fit and finish are top notch. The slide frame fit is very tight and no parts rattle when shaken. If you want to know what it is like shooting an 100 year old 1911, get the Auto Ordnance Military BKO.
Auto Ordnance Site Auto Ordnance Video

11. Chiappa 1911-45 Custom: Haggle Price $490-520
Made in Turkey by Girsan. There are a dozen firearms makers in turkey. Some Turks make 1911 pistols that are borderline junk. Girsan makes handguns that compare well in quality to Armscor. The Chiappa 1911-45 is the only pistol on our list to have a tactical rail for mounting accessories. Custom hammer and trigger. Novak style fiber optic sights. Pretty pistol! I am sure the cheaper Girsan brand pistols will be good too.
Chiappa Firearms Girsan Version Review Video

12. Rock Island Standard GI: Haggle Price $400-430
Classic 70 series design. I own Rock Island Armory GI pistols in both 9mm and 45 ACP. I am impressed as the GI model shoots just as good as the more expensive handguns on this list with all that eye candy. On a IDPA combat course it handles just as good as my Para Ordnance. The only mods have been the thinner custom grips I installed. The RIA GI is a very tight gun and takes some shooting to loosen up. The American Tactical (ATI), Taylors, High Standard, and Cimarron pistols made by Armscor are great ones too.
RIA GI Page Nice Rock Island GI Review

Unranked. Shooters Arms Mfg (SAM): Haggle Price $380-650
Made in Philippines. SAM is a smaller company than Armscor. We hear that this cottage Manufacturing company builds weapons of the highest quality. At the bottom end is the GI miliatry models. SAM also makes hot-rod tactical models that are easy to fall in love with. Century Arms is the importer of the Shooters Arms (SAM) brand. SAM also builds quality 1911 pistols for Iver Johnson. Check out the Iver Johnson website and see all the pretty 1911 style pistols.
Shooters Arms Manufacturing Iver Johnson Arms

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